Support Lobo Football

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We want to thank all who have generously supported Lobo Football over the past years. Your financial support has helped us build on and add to the impressive Lobo Legacy. More importantly, your support has helped provide a football program that thrives in the face of declining participation and support in most other places. Football provides an opportunity for our players to develop valuable life skills which will serve them well as they move beyond high school and into careers and family life. We strive to teach our players to be reliable, hard working, focused, caring, disciplined team players. We value every player’s contribution to our teams. We also value every financial contribution to our football program. Whether you are a major sponsor or a distant relative of a player, every contribution will be carefully used as we strive to continue to build on the great Lobo Legacy. We look forward to your continued support, and are excited for a new season of Lobo Football which is right around the corner. Thank you for your support. Go Lobos!!!